Having adults in his life who invested their time and effort in him, Brian Collier found at a young age, that even though he grew no hair, standing out from the rest of his peers for looking different, he was still valuable, accepted, and he had a lot to offer. He became aware he would have not been able to accomplish his dreams without the guidance, teaching, and mentorship from some foundational adults in his life; his mother Linda Collier, his teachers, and his soccer coaches. It was for this reason that he decided to become a school teacher, and later on a school counselor, and therapeutic foster care provider. Now he is making a high impact difference in children’s lives by teaching them social skills, helping them process and overcome life challenges, and equipping parents, caregivers, teachers, principals, and school staff with the knowledge they need to be effective mentors in children’s lives.

Brian’s charismatic personality and life story has given him the ability to connect on a personal level with children during counseling sessions, school assemblies, and behavioral interventions; empowering these young lives to pursue their dreams, to build and keep healthy relationships, and to know how to express their needs and wants appropriately.

As a counselor and behavior modification specialist, Brian has provided adults with many practical strategies they can use with their children and students to teach them social skills, and to help them cope with different life circumstances, such as, divorce of parents, changing schools, and handling all types of bulling situations.

Brian is the creator of “The Cyberbully Board Game,” which has educated thousands of students on how to handle cyberbullying and promote online safety. He has trained dozens of schools in The Olweus Bully Prevention Program,  acclaimed for reducing bullying in schools by 20 to 50 percent. He has trained teachers, principals, and school staff on behavior modification, and he has helped parents improve their relationship with their children, specifically targeting communication, and the way  parents handle their children’s behaviors.

Brian Collier grew up in a single parent home.  His mother was essentially “mom and dad” for him.

Being diagnosed with alopecia, he started losing his hair at the young age of six years old, completely losing all of his hair at thirteen. “It was hard to look different as a child, because all you want is to fit in. My confidence was lost with my hair,” said Brian during his “I’m a champion” school assembly. During his childhood, Brian was often a target of bullying and people’s stares; nevertheless, he was able to overcome these challenges with the help of his mother who was an important piece in his success. She took him to alopecia support groups where Brian found people he could relate to, and who empowered him to regain self-esteem. She used her experience as a school teacher to educate and provide Brian with the social skills he needed to have to stand up for his self and others against bullying in a prosocial, safe manner. She enrolled him in soccer, where Brian discovered he was highly skillful playing as a defender, which later led him to play division one soccer with a full tuition scholarship to the University of Dayton. Brian’s mom stretched her elementary school teacher salary to send Brian to a private high school so he could have the opportunity to be developed as a soccer player, and to be exposed to a different socioeconomic demographic.

Because all this, Brian has no doubt, children are able to overcome whatever circumstances they go through when they have a strong support system and guidance from the adults in their lives.

In 2012 Brian founded High Impact LLC with the vision of developing confident children through school assemblies, parenting classes, and school staff trainings. Schools have yielded reductions in bullying incidents by 20 to 50 percent with bully prevention trainings that Brian has implemented in different school districts.

With the different parenting classes Brian has conducted, parents have reported healthier communication with their children and more effective parenting techniques.

As a therapeutic foster care provider, Brian has impacted young lives  who have gone through trauma,  by preparing them with coping and cool down strategies, teaching them social skills, processing feelings from their past traumatic experiences, and building self-esteem and empathy.

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