High Impact Club uses a comprehensive approach in developing effective parents, school staff, and caregivers, with the purpose of educating confident children, so they can operate at a high impact level in all areas of their life. We offer the following services: Parent coaching line: parents and caregivers have the unique opportunity of accessing experienced behavioral coaches from anywhere using our parent coaching phone line and our parent text line, where parents will get answers on how they can be effective on handling all types of child behavior.

Online parenting classes:  Our parenting classes are offered in webinar format, where experienced behavioral health professionals train parents and caregivers on effectively addressing their children’s behaviors so children can ultimately have the strategies to be assertive in the choices they make in their day to day life.

School assemblies: High impact Club is equipped with presenters that stir up drive and passion in students and staff through high energy school assemblies that are designed to bring up the champion in every child by building confidence, self-esteem, empathy and assertiveness.

School staff development trainings: High Impact Club offers a variety of online and in person staff trainings on topics of bully prevention, classroom management, and behavior modification.

When High Impact Club presenters train school staff, they will be prepared to:

  • Implement research based bully prevention techniques that have been proven to reduce bullying up to 50% in schools.
  • Reduce office referrals by having well trained teachers in behavior modification and classroom management.
  • Assist students with their behavioral needs, so students are able to self-regulate their own behaviors, improve their academic performance, and have success in their peer relationships.

High impact Club Products and Resources: Our products and resources are all geared towards equipping parents, caregivers, and school staff with strategies they can use to address misbehavior and empower children to self-regulate their own behaviors.

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