For Teachers:

Need help with modifying your student’s behaviors? Print out our 21-Day Teacher Action Plan! 21-day-teacher-action-plan

For Parents:

Family dynamics are a unique and comprehensive issue.  Consequently, High Impact Club uses a holistic approach to improve communication, discipline, and respect within the family.  Working with schools to create safe learning environments, and equipping parents with effective parenting techniques, creates well adjusted, thriving children and families. We offer several webinars that cover topics such as helping your child succeed in school, strategies to handle temper tantrums, how to address lying habits, how to break your child’s addiction to technology, proven strategies to have your child follow all of your instructions, and several more! CLICK HERE to see our webinars!

Need help with modifying your child’s behaviors? Print out our 21-Day Parent Action Plan! 21-day-parent-action-plan