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Cyberbullying is the use of the Internet, text messaging, or instant messaging to deliberately humiliate, antagonize, or intimidate another person. Cyberbullying can occur through online rumors, manipulating pictures and sending them to others, or sending hurtful text or instant messages.

Cyberbullying has caused thousands of students to fear social media, school, and even their own safety. The Cyberbully Board Game equips players to handle and prevent all forms of cyberbullying while promoting Internet safety!

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How would you respond if you receive a threatening message?

What can you do if a friend is spreading online rumors about another classmate?

How can you stay safe from online predators?

What do you do if you receive a sexually inappropriate message?

The answers to these and many other questions can be found in The Cyberbully Board Game! 


$44.95 NOW ONLY $19.99 

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A great tool to bring the family together!

Created by school counselors and certified Olweus Bully Prevention trainers, this game deals effectively with the problems of cyberbullying while promoting Inernet safety. Players gain practical strategies to handle and prevent all forms of cyberbullying. Starting from the center of a black hole in cyberspace and working their way out toward “cyber freedom,” players answer questions and collect cyber chips along the way

Ages 11 and Up! 2 to 4 players/teams

Contents of Game:

•Game board
•Cyber spinner
•Cyber spinner key
•4 player pieces
•60 question cards
•85 cyber chips
•6-sided die

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